Adodis Review

Adodis Technologies Pvt Ltd is a FAKE software company in Bangalore, India that has been SCAMMING people and STEALING their money. This Adodis review page provides a detailed account of our 2 month long nightmare with Adodis Technologies Pvt Ltd. The purpose of this Adodis review is to make people aware of the SCAM that Adodis Technologies Pvt Ltd has been running by defrauding multiple victims around the world. Our Adodis review is provided below:

We were looking for a software company to develop a meme generator site with a Pinterest-like design. We came across Adodis Technologies PVT LTD and requested a quote. We were given a quote of $2000 USD from Purandhar (GP), the Business Head of Global Sales. The estimated completion time was 25 business days. We agreed on 2 payments, $1000 USD to start work and $1000 at the completion of work.

After 3 weeks had passed (15 business days) we were informed by ACP Manivannan, the Project Manager, that they had not started the project yet and that it would take an additional 4-5 weeks.

After 5 weeks had passed (25 business days) we were given a link to a demo by ACP Manivannan. The demo showed us that after 5 weeks worth of work, all they had to show for it was a partially completed Joomla Template.

After 8 weeks had passed (40 business days) we were requested to provide the remainder of our outstanding balance because they had completed the project. We refused to pay until we had seen a demo and compromised with a partial payment. We were given a link to another demo by ACP Manivannan. The demo showed us a meme generator script that Adodis Technologies PVT LTD claimed they developed, but we found out later that they had purchased the script from a third party. The script was not modified and did not fulfill our requirements.

After 9 weeks had passed (45 business days) and many broken promises for proof of any work done, we submitted our formal request for a refund. After two months of excuses, delays, lies, and deceit from Purandhar (GP) and ACP Manivannan of Adodis Technologies PVT LTD, the only thing they could show us was a partially completed Joomla Template and a meme generator script that they bought for $55 USD. We lost two months of time and they never processed our refund so we lost $1500 USD that they effectively stole from us.

This website documents the nightmare that we went through for two months while working with Adodis Technologies PVT LTD. Hopefully this website will also serve as a warning to anyone considering using them.

We hope this Adodis review was helpful. For more details on main events during our experience check out our Adodis Blog, which gives a timeline of events as they unfolded. Please feel free to browse the site and contact us if you have questions or want to share your own Adodis review.