5 Weeks Later… We Have A Partially Completed Template

By | September 6, 2013

Wednesday 03 July 2013

One week after being told by ACP Mani of Adodis Technologies that our project would take twice as long as originally promised, we requested a status update since we had not heard anything for over a week. ACP responded that they were working on the homepage design and they would give us a demo link tomorrow.

Thursday 04 July 2013

Amazingly, as promised, ACP provided a link to a demo of our work in progress. Although we were disappointed that the project would take twice as long as promised, we were hopeful that it was just a miscommunication and that things would run smoothly from this point on. Unfortunately, we would learn that this was not the case.

Here is a cropped screenshot of the demo site that they gave us a link to:

The other issue that we had on this day was that 3 days had passed since Purandhar (GP) promised us the contract outlining our agreement, but we still had not received anything from him. We sent him another email to follow up, which was our third email request in two weeks, but we received no response. This was the 5th week of our project with Adodis and they still could not provide us with a contract that outlined our agreement with them.

suresh says:

The Adodis CEO Main looking for only Money… Money… Money… Money…
Not released any quality work..