Adodis Complaints On AskLaila Part #2

By | October 31, 2013

This is part #2 of our compilation of complaints on Adodis Technologies Pvt Ltd found on the web. This complaint comes from username Cody. Cody tells everyone that is another domain name of Adodis Technologies. Adodis owns many different domain names and websites that it uses to trick people into thinking that they are a legitimate company that does good work. In reality, all of the reviews are written by Adodis Technologies themselves.
In his complaint, Cody tells everyone that Adodis Technologies is cheating everyone in the name Ganesh, a Hindu diety. Cody goes on to elaborate that Adodis Technologies makes false claims such as 99% uptime and 24/7 support, but both are non-existent once their victims make a payment. After Adodis Technologies collects payments from their victims, they don’t bother to do any work or have any contact with them afterwards. Cody also explains that many people have problems with Adodis Technologies, but since Adodis is flooding the internet with fake reviews, most people do not learn about their scam until it is too late. Hopefully this website will help to get the word out to people about Adodis’s scam. Cody concludes his complaint with a warning to anyone out there who chooses to do business with them “may god help you with these bunch of thieves.”

24 December 2012
From Cody @ another of adodis.
You are cheating everyone on the name of lord ganesh.
You promise 99 % uptime and 24/7 support. But once we buy domain n hosting from you , you never bother whether website is dead or alive.This is with many people but these guy do seo for reviews as well and go post reviews themselves.

If you go with this company after reading this, may god help you with these bunch of theives.