Adodis Complaints On AskLaila Part #4

By | November 7, 2013

Our fourth complaint on Adodis Technologies Pvt Ltd in this series comes from username Joseph. Joseph explains that he was fooled by the fake reviews that Adodis Technologies publishes about themselves to lure people into their scheme. After Joseph was fooled by these fake reviews, he hired Adodis Technologies to develop a website for him. Joseph goes on to explain that after the project was handed to the technical team, all the problems started to occur. He warns people that Adodis Technologies does not know how to talk to their clients and will NEVER EVER finish their project on time.
Joseph explains that he wholeheartedly regrets hiring them to do the website development work for him. He also warns people not to be fooled by all of the fake reviews that Adodis Technologies creates for themselves to make them look like a legitimate and reputable company.

09 February, 2012

From Joseph @

Hi All, Initially when i read the reviews about Adodis i was impressed and finally chose them to develop my website. However when the project was handed over to the technical team problems started to arise. They doesn’t know to talk to the client and will NEVER EVER complete the project on time. I regret from bottom of my heart for giving my big project to them, they are not professionals and doesn’t deliver quality work. So i would request you all to not to go with all the ROSY reviews which are provided by their own jobless employees and consider vendors who deliver quality work. If you still want to go with them All the Best for never ending troubles with them.