Adodis Complaints On RipOff Report Part #1

By | October 7, 2013

We will be compiling a list of complaints that we have found across the web on Adodis Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Our first series of complaints comes from

In the complaint below, the anonymous victim claims that the Adodis project manager David promised to complete the project in 30-40 working days. The project manager also promised to return the money to the client if the client was not satisfied with the work.

The client claims that the project dragged on for seven months! Even after the Adodis engineers John and Vjay admitted that they could not complete the job, Adodis refused to issue the client a refund.

To add insult to injury, when the client tried to file a dispute with his bank, Adodis lied to the bank and claimed that the job was completed. When the Adodis project manager was sure that he had successfully stolen the client’s money, he began to mock the client by hurling insults and calling him “unprofessional and uneducated”. An excerpt from the complaint is listed below:

Friday, 29 July 2011
From ripoffreport:

David, the Adodis project manager in Bangalore India promised me to complete my job in 30-40 days and return my money if I was not satisfied. But the job dragged on and on for seven months without doing what was promised.

The engineers, John and Vjay, admitted that they could not do the job, but David refused to return my $3,332.00. Months later, while I was trying to get my money back, Adodis lied to my bank and claimed that they completed the job.

Later David insulted me and said I was unprofessional and uneducated. He continues to lie and say that the job was completed. Here is a link to the job Adodis did to me:

I later hired an American engineer who did the job perfectly in a couple of weeks for $400.00.