Adodis Complaints On RipOff Report Part #2

By | October 10, 2013

Our second complaint from comes from the username Ripp the Rippers. This victim of Adodis Technologies Pvt Ltd is from Houston, Texas and claims that they were lured in to Adodis by all of their smooth talking techniques and begging. According to the claim, the victim was promised a website in 45 days, but after 6 months, they were barely given a partially completed website. An excerpt of the complaint is posted below:

Friday, 02 August 2013
From ripoffreport:

I was lured in with smooth talking AOL instant messaging tactics in the beggineing. They all made it appear they were very excited to help , and were present alot in the start up phase. I was promised a site in like 45 days and after much frustrations had some of it online after 6 months and many dollars. I once sent email to owner and his response was something like (Oh to baddd so sad…)

I knew at that point it was way worse than I had even imagined..i have tons of data saved, and tone of moar data saved.. I have all the emails etc .. they are totally fraudulent in my opionion.. since my website launched it has worked on and off… and it lets me log on into admin… whenever they set the codes correctly….. been like 30,000.00 worth of headache….. I am so tired…..