Adodis Complaints On RipOff Report Part #5

By | October 21, 2013

Our fifth complaint on comes from username jerryd from New York. jerryd claims that Adodis Technologies Pvt Ltd was very responsive in the beginning when they were trying to sell their services to him. After jerryd signed on, Adodis would rarely respond or communicate with him unless it was for making another payment. An excerpt from the complaint is listed below:

Friday, 29 July 2011
From ripoffreport:

To all the people I have dealt with at Adodis Technology,

I must say that when I discovered your company I was quite excited that I found a good place to develop my websites. I had been interested in creating a few different types of websites for my business. Unfortunately as the months and months have gone by and very little interaction between me the customer and everyone at Adodis, I have discovered the opposite to be true. The only one that has any interest in anything is the person collecting the money. E-mails go unanswered, questions go unanswered. NObody cares about anything other than collecting the money.

Even after all these delays and months and months I still had hope that I was wrong and that somehow this was a good company to do business with. No matter what happens next, I will post my experiences with your company on the internet. I think it is only fair for others to learn from my mistakes. In the beginning Harry could not answer me back fast enough and make sure that I signed on, after that I never heard from him again. Dealing with Bruno is like going to the dentist, not a pleasant experience.

Simple requests go unanswered. Then there is the billing department. Now that’s incredible. Always ready for payments, but not for service. Perhaps that is the way it is done in India, but not in this country. Customer service is paramount. I regret my decision to become involved with Adodis and hope I can salvage something out of this website fiasco. I notice when I send Bruno a skype message that he gets the message and chooses not to respond, especially now that I made a payment.

You know there is still monthly seo charges that you could have made money from me. But it is impossible that I would want you to receive anymore funds from my end. Please advise me immediately what is the status of my website. If I do not hear from you within 48 hours, I will submit claims to my credit card companies since you are in breach of the contract. If there is anybody reputably that works at this company I am still not finding that person.