Adodis Scam

So how does the Adodis Scam run by Adodis Technologies Pvt Ltd work?

Adodis Scam Step #1: LIE to your client by promising anything and everything
Adodis Scam Step #2: Collect money from client while reiterating LIES and promises made in Step #1
Adodis Scam Step #3: Provide FAKE status updates to DECEIVE client into thinking you are making progress.
Adodis Scam Step #4: Come up with an excuse to delay project.
Adodis Scam Step #5: If client gets suspicious, attempt to collect full payment before SCAM is uncovered.

So why would Adodis Technologies Pvt Ltd continue to defraud so many people?

Simple. Because they can.

They may have started as a legitimate software development company, but at some point they realized they can make more money through fraud rather than by actually trying to deliver a finished product.

They are taking advantage loopholes in the system at a time when the need for companies to outsource their labor is skyrocketing. Here is a list of tactics that they employ to keep things skewed in their favor:

If they keep charging fractional amounts of the total cost of a project, the chances are that the banks will not investigate any disputes.

If their client/victim is a large company, it may not be worth their time to file a dispute.

If a dispute is filed, they can lie and say that the product was delivered.

If they can stall long enough by giving excuses, the time period to file a dispute on a charge will most likely lapse.

If a company has already invested the time to start a project, odds are they will not cancel the project to start over.

If they keep coming up with excuses, they can stall indefinitely and possibly keep requesting and receiving incremental payments.

It may not be feasible to file a lawsuit against them due to the time and cost involved.