Adodis Technologies Tries To Finish Their Scam

By | September 16, 2013

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Not long after ACP Mani of Adodis Technologies Pvt Ltd asked us for server details to upload our completed project, we were contacted by Purandhar (GP) and requested to authorize the second half of our payment. We told GP that we had been waiting 2 months for the contract that outlines our project and agreement. We also stated that once we have the agreement and can verify that the finished project satisfies the agreement we would release payment.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

2 months after our project started, Purandhar (GP) of Adodis Technologies sent us the contract outlining our project and agreement. We were now expecting ACP Mani of Adodis Technologies to upload our completed project to our server for the demo, but this did not happen. GP was insistent that they needed full payment before they would upload the project. We told him that we would not be making payment until we could verify that the finished project satisfies all of the requirements that we agreed to when we started this project.

To recap, this was the 8th week of our 5 week project and 4 weeks after the 4 week extension was requested by ACP Mani. In the entire 8 weeks, the only thing we have seen was screenshots of logos and layouts along with a partially completed Joomla template during the 5th week. Although we did not feel comfortable at all with paying any more money to Adodis Technologies, we felt that we had no other option if we wanted to see the demo of our site. In the end, GP allowed us to make a partial payment of half the remaining amount before showing the demo. We were hoping that their demo would show that all of the capabilities outlined in the contract were completed as promised. Unfortunately, we would soon find out that we had just been fooled again.