First Delay

By | August 30, 2013

Wednesday 19 June 2013
Last week, the response time was great with ACP Mani and Adodis Technologies. However, entering our third week of the project, we did not hear anything from Adodis until midweek when they sent us an updated logo. Along with the updated logo, they requested feedback for the design that we had already responded to last week. We resent the feedback on the design that we sent last week along with a request for project status seeing that we were halfway to our deadline.

Here is a cropped sample of one of the updated logos they sent us:

Thursday 20 June 2013

ACP Mani and Adodis Technologies sent us an update to the design template based on the feedback that we resent from last week, but they did not give us a project status update. Since we were nearing the end of the third week, and with only 2 weeks left until our deadline, we were anxious to get an update as we were hoping to see some type of prototype by next week. Again, we asked for a project status, but we would not receive another response until the following week along with some very disappointing news.