Please Come On Skype

By | August 13, 2013

Tuesday 21 May 2013

So even though we told Mr. Purandhar (GP) of Adodis Technologies that we would take some time to interview with other companies before making a decision, we received an email from him the very next day asking when we will be back on Skype.

Wednesday 22 May 2013

We received another email from Mr. Purandhar (GP) of Adodis Technologies again requesting us to come on to Skype. We log on to Skype we are told by GP that he was able to lower the price from $2500 to $2000. He then asks if they can start the project.

We decline and tell GP that we need more time to evaluate quotes from other companies.  The constant requests to come on Skype may have been a bit pushy, but we originally just felt it was enthusiasm.  If we knew they were going to take our payment and not deliver, we would have never chosen to use Adodis Technologies.