Start Of Work…Or So We Thought….

By | August 19, 2013

Monday 03 June 2013

We made an agreement with Adodis Technologies to have a project done and made our initial payment last week. We were given a questionnaire and requested to fill that out along with our updated scope of work. The documents were completed over the weekend and submitted on Monday, June 3rd to Adodis via email. Based on our previous conversations, this should have been the official start of work for the project with an estimated completion date 25 business days in the future.  As we would painfully soon learn, this would not be the case.

We were also promised that we would have an official project agreement or contract that outlined our expectations for the project. The scope of work was supposed to be incorporated into this document and seeing that we just finished the completed scope of work, we expected to see the contract within a few business days. This also, would not be the case.